Chew on this, Erudite



INT – Night:

An intimate jazz club, softly lit with a spotlight on the musicians, creating a cozy atmosphere filled with soft chatter and the rich, complex sounds of jazz.

The scene opens with three NORMALS sitting down at an empty table, a smooth jazz piano solo is currently in progress. The club’s ambiance is inviting, with smartly dressed patrons nestled at tables sipping drinks and the stage aglow with a warm light focused on the KEYBOARDIST.

Moment 1:

The KEYBOARDIST plays a series of intricate notes that mimic a popular jazz standard but with a playful twist. His face betrays a subtle grin.

Moment 2:

The AUDIENCE catches the twist immediately. Their faces light up with amusement, and they share quiet chuckles and appreciative nods, clinking glasses in a toast to the clever play.

Moment 3:

The table of NORMALS look on, puzzled by the sudden mirth around them. They exchange glances, shrugging and smiling awkwardly, trying to appear as if they understand the humor.

Moment 4:

The SAXOPHONIST takes over, weaving a sultry solo that includes a notoriously difficult riff played in an unusually high octave, known among enthusiasts for its audacity and humor.

Moment 5:

Again, the AUDIENCE react with laughter and applause, clearly delighted by the audacious execution. One enthusiast wipes a tear from his eye, still chuckling.

Moment 6:

One of the NORMALS leans forward, trying to pick up any hint of why the music is funny, while another nods along to the music, feigning understanding.

Moment 7:

The DRUMMER begins his solo, using a mix of conventional jazz rhythms and unexpectedly throwing in a series of comedic, exaggeratedly soft beats.

Moment 8:

This time, the AUDIENCE laugh openly, their enjoyment palpable. They exchange comments about the drummer’s unique style and the humorous choice of beats.

Moment 9:

The NORMALS decide to take a chance. At the next slightly offbeat note, they burst into laughter, mimicking earlier reactions from the aficionados.

Moment 10:

Silence falls briefly as the note was not humorous but rather a poignant, serious part of the solo. The room turns to look at the NORMALS. Murmurs of admonishment and disapproving whispers ripple through the crowd, making their way to the table who now realize there was nothing funny about the note.

Moment 11:

The NORMALS quickly sip their drinks, trying to shrink away from the unwanted attention.

Closing Moment:

The KEYBOARDIST, SAXOPHONIST, and DRUMMER exchange a disappointed look and then focus back on their music, professionalism overshadowing the awkward moment. The music sweeps back into its rhythm, and the night continues, the brief disruption fading away as the club immerses back into the jazz reverie.

– Fin –

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